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What are we looking for?
We are passionate about exceptional ideas and we consider ourselves fortunate that we get the opportunity to work with great people across the globe. We like to work with unique ideas in the connected mobility space but also take a realistic approach towards the underlying business model for its ultimate success.. We strongly focus on identifying a company's pain points and the areas we can help them, understanding their potential, and assessing the ability of the founding team members to bring their idea to successful fruition with our collaboration.

We look for fresh ideas in early stage technologies which include products and services that have the potential to become the next big thing in tomorrow's market.

Investment Range:
Kyyba Xcelerator will make investments in connected mobility technologies from upwards of $50,000.

Startup Requirements:
1). Technology should have a complete market study.
2). Technology should have a well developed business plan.
3). Identified customers and/or one or more paying customers.
4). Technology or product must fall under the umbrella of connected cars, autonomous vehicle, connected mobility, or transportation.

Some examples but not limited to the following focus areas:

  • Vehicle Cyber Security Systems - Trends in making the Connected Vehicle Secure.
  • Connected Car and The Smart City - The Connected Infrastructure.
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics and Prognostics - Clouds with Machine Intelligence.
  • Ride Sharing/ P2p Sharing
  • Urban Mobility
  • Safety, Sustainability and Environment
  • Telematics and Driverless Technology
  • Vehicle Connectivity, Cloud Computing, Geo-social Mapping and Data Analytics.
  • Multi Modal Transportation
  • Transportation Infrastructure Adapting to the New Mobility