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Who We Are

We Are A Global Player

Kyyba Xcelerator -- a global second stage accelerator.

At Kyyba Xcelerator our team members are dedicated to one thing only, the success of our entrepreneurs with whom we collaborate. We are a diverse team of individuals where each of us brings in years of experience, different perspective and business, technical, and legal expertise.

We provide a wide umbrella of services to startup entrepreneurs ranging from:
-Idea development and technical implementation (proof of concept).
-Mentoring and guidance from world-renowned experts for:

  • Technology Acceleration
  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Revenue Generation
  • Investor Identification and Funding
  • Team Building
  • Business Plan
  • Intellectual Property, legal and company information assistance
  • Market Validation

Branding and Communication Strategy:
  • Well equipped and furnished office space.
  • Technology acceleration and product development support from mentors.
  • Business plan development support from experts in the field.
  • Intellectual property, legal and company information assistance.
  • Market validation studies.
  • Business development guidance.
  • Branding and communication strategy.
  • Investor identification and funding opportunities.